Saturday, 14 July 2012


Wednesday 4 July 

Two large busses filled with 16 year old Americans.
Two Israelie Madrichim who looked as though they hated every minte of their days.
One American Princess who I suppose was trying to lead this group but failing.
A British Guy who knew about as much as we did when it came to the real point of: Why are we here.
and Four Shnatties who just wanted to go home.

Minor Characters:
That guy who carried around the American Flag all day.
That girl who wanted to play Super Star
The fruit man.

A peulah about the importance of the IDF.
A tour of an Army Base, complete with a Q&A session.
A trip to an Army Memorial, with no explanation of what it was comemorating.
Lunch where there was only carbohydrates.
River Rafting where it seemed like the whole point was to tip each others boats over.