Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ghost Family

Friday the 13th July

Seeing as I'm no longer going to England I have to "Get Settled" as it were. 
Last night I went through my second awkward Host Family Experience where I found myself sitting in a super fancy living room, of my new host family, pretending to read the newspaper. I sat there for a few minutes being hopelessly lost before the littlest of the four siblings, Sicha, came and sat next to me.
She has long dark hair pulled back into a high pony tail and for an eleven year old she speaks amazingly good English. She was basically the only person that I spoke to the entire night. She does Ball Room dancing and likes to read and watch movies. She gave me a tour of the house and then we sat on the rickity old swing set, outside.We were waiting for the other 90 people that were expected to arrive at the extravagant Birthday Party/Dinner of their Grand Father to arrive.
After a while her older sister, who is around my age, arrived and showed me to the buffet table where I helped myself to a few salads and sat at the kiddies table, still not speaking to anyone.
It wasn't too bad, just uncomfortable and i wanted nothing more than to be at home in the flat having a party with Lips, Jade, Liz and Sophie.

Welcome to Jade's Drunk Karmi'el Flat!

Saturday 14 July
The house was trashed this morning. 
Today was a day for productivity! I cleaned the kitchen with jade, doing all the dishes until I cut my hand rather badly on a broken mug and cleaned the floors. There is no longer a pile of rando stuff in the corner and you can walk around with out stepping over peoples random stuff.
The rest of the afternoon I spent drawing the new Karmile merch and eating avocados.