Monday, 31 March 2014

Music Mondays: Gangsterdam

Hey Everybody!
It's that time of year again! Music Monday!
Introducing my new favourite band and eye candy - Gangsterdam!

Saw them last Friday at Another-Days Prom night.
Its the first time I've actually made a concious decision to watch them perform live and made an effort to listen to their tunes, but damn are they good. They have a really cool sound and some sexy ass musicians that make up this little Bandy Band. Yup I said it. Bandy band.

While I'm not such a fan of this music video shot by Crash Car Burns own Bugsy Barnes, it's cute and endearing and trying to be 'Cool and Out There' but the whole Sexy Naked Chicks with Animal Heads Thing has been done to death. It's a good coming out video for them, and with only 400 likes on Facebook, Im sure it's nice to have friends in high places. These guys will shoot to the top of the charts with good old Matthew Mole and Shortstraw in no time at all.

I actually can't wait to see these guys live again or to hear what they'll be doing next.

Check out their video:

The lead singer looks like a boy i knew back in High School. Ha!

Prom Night!

I went to Prom in the 80's and this is what happened.

Jody and I were being super cool last Friday and got dressed in our best 80s style outfits - note how not 80's they actually were, cause what even are that? Either way we dressed up, we showed up and we had a real good time jiving to those Old Time-y Tunes.
Another-Day sure does know how to throw themselves a birthday party and boy do they deserve it, being one of the best blogs on my reading list..
Those guys are the best and also good at dancing.

With the likes of Gangsterdam and Satanic Dagga Orgy playing some cool covers of those kick-ass tunes we all know and are embarrassed to sing-a-long too, as well as the creepy guys trying to hit on you for their friends, the confetti, the balloons, the spiked punch and the awkward couples dancing to not so couple-y slow dance song, it was like we were really back at High School and that Molly Ringwald was about to loose her underpants. Yup! A great night was had by all.

A little later on in the evening, Jody and I had an unexpected encounter. She was sleeping at my house - as one does after Prom - and my Mother had agreed to give us a lift. These little lost Cape Tonians, looking around all bleary eyes and a little drunk, needed a lift home, they politely asked us, knowing that the answer would most likely be no, but trying anyways. Turns out we're such nice people and we gave them all a lift home, squeezed in the back on my Moms car. So funny. Turns out they knew one of my cousins. Small world. I cant really remember their names and they probably don't much remember the encounter, but what a fun story to tell the internet. Ha ha. Yes.

Here are some pictures from the evening shot by the Another-Day in house photographer and proud owner of a 'fro: Anthony Bila

&Kathryn What

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mom Time

My Mom is really cool and really funny. She's one of the most creative people I know, and I probably owe a lot to her in terms of well, my existence.
She was a Graphic Designer and super cool and hip back in the day - sometimes she even lets me wear her cool and hip clothes from the 70's which is always fun. 
Every Sunday and some Saturdays she goes to some embroidery classes and does all sorts of cool stuff, maybe Ill put some pics up when its all done.
Sometimes we go shopping together for more cotton because you can never have too many brightly coloured threads to make magic embroidery with.
Yay! My Mom is better than your Mom. Don't even try and deny it.

Moms are great.
You should appreciate
(oh rhymes.)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I spend too much money on clothes for my body.

Could it be that horrible affliction of Body Vs. Mind Vs. Soul that we hear all too often being a part of Generation X? Maybe, but maybe it's the fact that I've been looking for boots since I was 7 years old and my last pair got a hole in the toe. They were really cute little brown boots that kinda look like Timberlands... sign... that day killed me forever. I haven't been the same since.
BUT, I found these at this fantastic shoppe called Factorie, maybe you've hear of it? Its from New Zealand. This also begs the question as to why, oh why South African designers cant hit the mark with good fashionable wear for the broke ass students. We seem to only end up with ill fitting, horribly made and even worse fabric choices from places like Edgars and Mr Price. Yes, yes you can tell me all about home grown and the whole re-branding thing, but lets be honest, it's still pretty shit and not quite as unique as we'd like to think. How am I supposed to be 'me', if ten thousand other people are also being 'them', whilst wearing the same clothes. Bla bla clothes don't make you who you are and you'd still be beautiful if you wore a plastic bag, inner beauty and all that, but hey, nothing beats a good pair of boots when that Winter Chill sets in and then you can take your plastic bag and tell me your toes aren't cold...
...and besides, really good South African designed clothes from Sgt. Pepper or good old YDE will pretty much break the bank, so...
My boots are cool and you can suck it biatch.
I've been wearing them all week cause they're amazing


Monday, 24 March 2014

Sock Check - Kruella D'Enfer

I literally cannot get enough of her design work. I love the stark use of bold colours and patterns that seem hap-hazardly thrown together but with such ease you wouldn't even have suspected. It's fun and exciting and makes me wanna dance in the rain whilst wearing protective rain boots that are most likely going to be made out of plastic but just as brightly coloured and fantastic as this. I feel like whenever I describe things it always digresses into a bit of a ramble but hey, Just live your life (eh eh eh eh eheh)
Don't under estimate Rhianna - She means business.

This is some of ( and I really mean some, because there is a load of amazing stuff in her portfolio) of Kruella D'Enfer, a Portuguese designer and artiste'. Please enjoy and check out her other cool stuff here

I love love love her illustration style and cool techniques and also those pens that make glass way more interesting:

Maybe Ill save her poster stuff for another post. Ha!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Cant We Be Royals? - American Royalty - Sam Spatt

Looking through his portfolio its hard to believe he's only 25. Amongst his many works in portraiture, illustration and game character design.
He was personally commissioned by Donald Glover - Childish Gambino - for his new Album, Royalty. 

"American Royalty"

Excuse me while I try and make something of my life.

Read more about how much I like Sam Spratt's Art Works here.
Make sure you listen to Childish Gambino's music, I've linked it here, because he's really cool, and one of the best underground rappers around.You could also just watch Community, where he's an actor and frequently raps in Spanish.


Half the Pipe - Creative Thinking

The truth is I can only ever wish to design stuff this cool and this interesting. I hope I'll be as cool as this one day, hawt dayme.

This is Half the Pipes amazingly quirky business cards to promote their little studio. the business cards are like a domino game where you match up the different sides of the cards. How fun! They use their business cards to promote their new and exciting way of doing business.That's why they have made the list of awesome things and had enough coolitude to grace the pages of this here blog - That probably no one reads, which is kind of unfortunate, but let us not dwell, friends. 
I give you Half the Pipe and their cool cards:

Yup a doodle.