Monday, 25 November 2013

Quick! Say something stupid!

"Whose idea was it to do this?!"
That was my panicked exclamation upon arrival at this 'Speed Dating'. Talk about speed. Have you ever tried to have entire 'Lets get to know YOU' conversations in 2 minutes. If someone found their love of their life in that amount of time, under the influence of that amount of alcohol, I will truly be surprised. As it turns out, it was my brilliant idea. If I could have said any more stupid things to any more people it would probably have started the Rapture, because I said a lot of dumb shit. Don't get me wrong, a bunch of other people said some dumb things as well, and people asked some weird questions, and I had some bad conversations with people... but at least I left my house... right? I mean... I came out better than the Lawyer guy who was the biggest douche ever and the guy that drives a rubbish truck, oh and that guy that asked me what my favourite colour was.

There were some great characters though; The cool beard guy. He was cool.
Jody was the highlight of my evening though. She asked al the famous people what they did for a living. Phahahaa.
Classic Jody.
tut tut

I'm also really excited about Another-Day. Its the coolest thing on the face of the planet. (What even is over exaggerating any more?) I read it religiously now. Its gotten to the point where I need an app to keep up. 
Another-Day is a Jo'burg based blog (obviously)
It's pretty exclusive.

I wish I was cool enough to have a cool blog, specifically cool, but at least I have you guys!
(the empty room inside my computer)
Maybe I have too many floral things?
As always:
I have a poopy face


Shoulda been a DJ

I love making music mixes. I feel like I'm actually good at it. 8tracks is my favourite internet hangout.
Check 'em out if yah like.
1. Ching Ching Ching - Nikki Costa
2. American Girl - Bonnie McKay
3. Smoke Weed Everyday - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg
4. On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons
5.  This is Gospel - Panic! At the Disco
6. Northern Downpour - Panic! At the Disco
7. Million Dollar Bills - LORDE
8. White Teeth Teens - LORDE

1. You and Your Crown - Matthew Mole
2. Simple Child - Matthew Mole
3. One Long Day - Shortstraw
4. The Wedding Blues - Shortstraw ft. Shane Durrant
5. Do Do Do - Fire Through the Window
6. Golden - Fire Through the Window
7. My Name - The December Streets
8. Papa Said - The December Streets

1. What I Got - Sublime
2. Hey Now - Martin Solveig & The Cataracts ft. Kyle
3. Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry
4. Summer Vibe - Walk Off the Earth
5. That summer Feeling - City Bowl Mizers
6. American Pie - Don McLean
7. I Knew You Had a Heart Attack - Taylor Swift/Demi Lovato Mash Up
8. Best Song Ever - One Direction

1. Clarity - Zedd ft. Foxes
2. Classified - Inner Ninja ft. David Myles
3. Radar Detector - Darwin Deez
4. Timber - Pitbull ft. Ke$ha
5. Gorilla - Bruno Mars
6. Wear Me Out - Skylar Grey
7.  Things We Lost in the Fire - Bastille
8. Unconditionally - Katy Perry


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Kathryn Made a Video!

I've been dabbling in video making and whatnot this year and this is my second Stop Frame animation and my first video that I've made all by myself. I think its really cool. I hope it makes you uncomfortable and want to poop your pants.

Thanks for watching.
Its about being really confused and struggling with who you really are and who society wants you to be based on the concept of Ideology for Breakfast.


Story of My Life

Except with out the crazy dance moves and the ability to pull sweet ass at clubs.

Woke up to this beauty and then watched it like eight times and told all my friends about it and then they told me that i need to get a life and then I made this blog post about it and now I'm seriously considering the direction my life is taking. Not everyone has One Direction you know.

#whydoialwaysmakeawkwardpopculturereferencesthatnooneunderstands #whatislife

Also, after I facebook stalked this guy I realised that we have like 12 mutual friends. #supercreep

Its pretty cool. (the video I mean)
You should watch it.


Well, this is awkward.

This an awkward picture of me.
Thanks internet, for sharing my pain.

So its from the Facebook page of Two guys with Glasses, and I think its the first picture that anyone has taken of me at these gigs. I always see everyone else's and they all look super cool and high def but you know, whatever. 

Guess where I was? Jokes i'll just tell you. It was this thing called Boosh, like the 18th one or something ridiculous like that. Yeah man, ShortStraw played, Desmond, Wrestlerish, Yo Grapes... Earl Grey and Croquet... those guys... 

Pretty chilled out, had a party, kinda socialised with people, maybe. What even is socialising, and how can one tell if it has been successful or not...
I'll tell you about my cool shirt some other time, (and also about the three word conversation I had with Shane Durant)

Im trying to keep my fan-girling low key.
Don't take anything I say seriously, I can't even.


Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Market Place

Today I ventured out into the world to do some exploring. Weird right, I never leave my house any more. I tagged along with my Mom (classic me right) to one of my favourite South African Markets; The Mosaiek Crafts Expo. I've been before and you can read all about that little trip here.
South Africa has so many cool Markets, and because I'm a Craft Market fanatic I tend to frequent them, from the biggest to the smallest to the weirdest and of course, they're all wonderful.

This time though was a little blast from the past and a look into the future. Gahd, I'm deep.

Ice-Cream Necklace by Two on Toast
Ice-cream and Necklaces?! Damn, could it have gotten any better than this? Two on Toast is a great little South African find started by two Besties that share my passion for tea and toast. Check out their website at: They have pretty cool stuff, especially the dresses.

Denim Backpack by Skinny Cow
I love Skinny Cow, they have the coolest jewellery and accessories, and to make it even better I nabbed this beauty! Good for the beach or to be super cool which is obviously what I will be doing with it. You can check out their Facebook Page or just head on over to their shop in Linden.

Wooden Stud Earrings by Net 'n Kameel
 Net 'n Kameel has the coolest wooden broaches and earrings, but if thats not your thing you can check out their silver, cut out necklaces on their Facebook Page.

Fabric Covered Tin Mugs by Jamtin
I absolutely love to collect odd and extraordinary mugs, so you can imagine my delight when I found this beauty. Jamtin have a range of awesome Fabric covered Tin Mugs and Lanterns. You can check out their website (here) and maybe even indulge your tea scenes to one of theses guys.

So that was my little outing to the Market. Yay!

Cant wait for the Kramers Market in January! This is what happened last time.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Illustration Contemplation

This afternoon I wanted to do something fun and creative and then this happened!
They're posters inspired by some of my favourite South African Bands.
I guess I ate too many cupcakes and drank too much caffeine in the form of Five Roses, either that, or I'm a super lameo. Classic right. 
I'm gonna make more noww...
Shortstraw - Couch Potato

Mathew Mole - You and Your Crown

Shortstraw ft. Shane Durant - The Wedding Blues

Desmond and the Tutus - The Future
Peace Out