Thursday, 12 June 2014

Clear and Simple - Identity and Packaging

Making cool design with a fun and quirky function has proved harder than it sounds, although to be honest it sounds quite hard in the first place. "Hey Guys! Just come up with something that no one else in the whole world has thought of before, shouldn't be too hard right? Oh and by the way, you've only got three days..." 
Remind me why we do this again and actually enjoy it? Hurumph.
I stand to be corrected but this stuff makes a pretty good case for creative thinking and good ideas and being awesome. Also, its yellow and I quite like yellow actually.

This stuff was made by a little Polish Agency called Noeeko

Design is so fun, holy flipmonster.

Monday, 2 June 2014

The Body Uncomfortable Execution

Here's my final project. I hope you enjoy.

The Body Uncomfortable Conclusions (Part 3)

Creative Development Rationale - The Body Uncomfortable

My Body Uncomfortable comes from not liking people to touch me or to have people touch my things. It makes me endlessly uncomfortable, almost as though my soul is itchy.

Over the 10 day Body Uncomfortable Intervention, I explored the idea of space on a multitude of different levels; Space within myself, My presence influence on other people, My presence influence on the world and the universe and The concept of Space as an element of life. This can be found on my Blog - You can all of the posts here. Over the time of the intervention, I explored different ways of intervening in space, both within myself and within the environment around me. I explored how I influenced space.

Using my findings from the 10 Day Body Intervention to fashion my representation of Space and how I perceive these spaces.

I want people to be able to understand how hard it is for me to let people in and to have that kind of emotional connection and then express it through physical elements.

For the 10Day Intervention, I made short video clips as to my experiences with my experimentations of Space. After my ‘Big Spaces’ experience in the Cinema, I made a Stop Frame Animation, the finished product will be a part of the final piece. I completed three Water Colour Artworks, which will not be displayed but can be viewed on my blog as part of the Emotional Process and journey.

The final piece is three, square boxes that hold three different kinds of space. The first is of my experience with other people. It shows coloured strings being held together with Small Clothes pegs, while the background shows speech bubbles. This is a representation of my connection to people, and how hard it is to physically touch them. Often these kinds of relationships are barely holding on to reality. 

The second depicts a small self-portrait and falling stars. This represents my personal space and how I feel within that space. It stems from my inner turmoil as to what it means to be a live and an existentialist presence. 

The third piece of the artwork shows a bottle of sweets in a carnival setting. There is a sign that instructs you to guess how many. This is a commentary on how we take up space and how we perceive space and the presence of material objects that take up this space, rather than focusing on the people that we love and making space for their presence in our lives.

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The Body Uncomfortable - Conclusions (Part 2)

On Friday last last week, I took a little trip to my local Cinema where I watched X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was literally the best movie I've ever seen. You can read more about my Movie review later, but for now lets focus on what it meant to be in an empty cinema on a Friday afternoon all alone.

The Big Space - An Interpersonal Experience.
As I sat in the large empty movie theatre, munching my popcorn in the dark and trying not to think about the fact that I was wearing way to many pairs of glasses, I had a really spacial experience. There are many, many times where I'm alone and doing things by myself, but normally within my own space, at home or at school and when Im in these spaces its kind of okay to be alone, because you're meant to. You're meant to be experiencing what you're experiencing alone. It was designed for people to have that kind of time where they are alone.
Movies on the other hand are not. They're designed to be consumed and enjoyed by multiple people all at one time together, so that you can continue to have the experience long after the movie is over.

In this case, I had no one to share that experience with and no one to have to talk to after the movie was over, no one I knew having seen the movie yet. It made the experience all the more surreal, like if a tree falls in a forest and no body hears it, does it make a sound? If no one is around to see you or to acknowledge you're existence do you really exist?

After having that strange and slightly eyeopening experience I made this short stop frame animation in the aftermath of what it was like to feel as though I hadn't existed for that day.

Song: Harlem - New Politics

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Etam Cru - Aht Beyond the Canvass

 Last night I was just casually scrolling through the internet as one does and I came across the most amazing picture. Graffiti drawn on a wall of a beautiful lady in a jam jar. I am her now.
So, this morning I did a little snooping around the rest of the web and discovered the amazing artworks of the Etam Cru (Etam, Sainer and Bezt). Comprised of three amazing artists that comb the streets painting their whimsical characters and scenes among the dreary everyday houses, of what looks like Spain. heir work is vast and beautiful. You can see some of my favourites from the three artist below but you can check them out here and see for yourself.


mmm such pretty. so inspired.
I want these on mugs actually.