Monday, 2 June 2014

The Body Uncomfortable - Conclusions (Part 2)

On Friday last last week, I took a little trip to my local Cinema where I watched X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was literally the best movie I've ever seen. You can read more about my Movie review later, but for now lets focus on what it meant to be in an empty cinema on a Friday afternoon all alone.

The Big Space - An Interpersonal Experience.
As I sat in the large empty movie theatre, munching my popcorn in the dark and trying not to think about the fact that I was wearing way to many pairs of glasses, I had a really spacial experience. There are many, many times where I'm alone and doing things by myself, but normally within my own space, at home or at school and when Im in these spaces its kind of okay to be alone, because you're meant to. You're meant to be experiencing what you're experiencing alone. It was designed for people to have that kind of time where they are alone.
Movies on the other hand are not. They're designed to be consumed and enjoyed by multiple people all at one time together, so that you can continue to have the experience long after the movie is over.

In this case, I had no one to share that experience with and no one to have to talk to after the movie was over, no one I knew having seen the movie yet. It made the experience all the more surreal, like if a tree falls in a forest and no body hears it, does it make a sound? If no one is around to see you or to acknowledge you're existence do you really exist?

After having that strange and slightly eyeopening experience I made this short stop frame animation in the aftermath of what it was like to feel as though I hadn't existed for that day.

Song: Harlem - New Politics