Thursday, 29 May 2014

Etam Cru - Aht Beyond the Canvass

 Last night I was just casually scrolling through the internet as one does and I came across the most amazing picture. Graffiti drawn on a wall of a beautiful lady in a jam jar. I am her now.
So, this morning I did a little snooping around the rest of the web and discovered the amazing artworks of the Etam Cru (Etam, Sainer and Bezt). Comprised of three amazing artists that comb the streets painting their whimsical characters and scenes among the dreary everyday houses, of what looks like Spain. heir work is vast and beautiful. You can see some of my favourites from the three artist below but you can check them out here and see for yourself.


mmm such pretty. so inspired.
I want these on mugs actually.