Friday, 9 May 2014

Exterior Intersect of Space: The Body (Un)Comforable

Sofia Coppola is a successful Actress, Screenwriter and Director, with a unique post modern take on culture, history and our ever changing society. She has directed movies like, The Bling Ring, Marie Antoinette, Somewhere (which wasn't my favourite but was nice none the less) and has won prestigious awards for her original screenplay: Lost in Translation. 
At all the award shows held annually every year, one thing that is always seemingly over looked is the art direction and graphic design of the title sequences. Some of my personal favourites include The Great Gatsby, Spider-man, any of Wes Andersons films and many others, but none quite compare to Peter Miles

He has done the title sequences for all of Sofia Cappola's films and has done them with great taste and purpose. I love the bold use of colour and the interesting typography, that carries the message of the movie in one easy to understand manner. I wish I could have a movie made of my life and have him do the title because it would be ferociously pink and wonderful - like candy floss or flying. His unique style paired with devilishly daring soundtracks and camera motions are what make me eager to see the story on the screen unfold.

Probably the most exciting thing is that Anna Sophia Robb and Evan Peters have teamed up with Ms. Sofia Copolla and are adapting Hans Christian Andersons' The Little Mermaid into a live action, post modern movie filled with love and the age old coming of age story of Self-discovery, and I cant wait. There's something about the idea of being a mermaid that I personally love and having Copolla make it into a movie is just the cherry on top!
Check out this mothafaffer: