Wednesday, 14 May 2014

#2 Me in the Other: The Body (Un)comfortable

The second Body Uncomfortable Intervention experiment I have been conducting, is how I influence other peoples space by existing, occupying, exerting my influence on and manipulating their space. This is the Second Experiment.
This is a particularly interesting experiment when one considers the universe and the essence of existence. 

How do my actions influence others?
For the first few clips that I filmed, I had instructed the people on what to do, and how to act - their reactions were calculated, having had the time to become aware of what was happening and conduct themselves accordingly.

For the second group of people, I asked people if I could film them, I did not explain why or what it was for. In some, you can see I filmed as the person was asking the questions as to 'Why?' and 'What for...?'. The first experiment shows that these reactions would have been different had I explained Why and What for.

All these reactions have been influenced by my presence in some way.

This particular phenomenon, and how we act and react within our space is hugely fascinating. If you are familiar with the Space Time Continuum, or have any idea about what string theory is then you will understand what I am talking about when I say; Multiple Realities. 
If I was to not exist and not be performing these interventions, what would be happening?
If I had chosen to go a different route with this project what would be happening?
If I had not been born at all, how would all this have played out?
How do my choices and actions influence the lives of others and myself based on decisions?

The list of questions is endless...

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