Monday, 12 May 2014

Foodbelly: The Body (Un)Comfortable

This is Lee Price and she painte really realistic paintings of people and food.
I eally like her work, and have chosen to showcase it in my Space Intervention of 10 days (You can read more about my space intervention here) because it directly deals with how we deal with our body and our emotions. While I couldn't find much about Lee Price and why she paints people eating in baths, I have made some of my own conclusions about her work. 

To me, this is a very accurate representation of how I personally treat my body, and while its not in a bath, I do spend all my free time in my bed. My bed is my safe space, where no one can go but me. It is all mine and I can do with that space what I want - in this case, fill my inner space with food. This is a topic that I specifically relate to because of my relationship with food, and how it has morphed and moulded over the years to what it is today (even though it is still pretty up and down).

Each of her art works has a different emotion attached to it - happiness, boredom, sadness, over whelmed, pleasure, apathy - and each has a specific reaction in terms of how to resolve these issues, the most popular choice being solitude and comfort food.

In my coming interventions I will be exploring the importance of food and its effect on my space and my body. How are communal meals different from ones alone na dhow are meals because you're hungry different from those when you just want to enjoy the food. These are all very different ideals on how food influences your personal and immediate space and the effect it has on the way that you then appreciate or adapt space.