Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dear Jozi

I have something magical to share with you.

Today, I went to a lovely little Christmas market with my mom, and they had the most amazing things there. Every last thing your little heart could desire, you could find. So, I'm sharing my amazing finds with you, in hopes that you'll support our local crafters and fashion icons.

This is Skinny Cow.
They're a local fashion and accessory store located right here in Joburg. Linden to be exact. Unfortunately they don't have a website or a Facebook page. (Much to this bloggers disappointment, because I always Google EVERYTHING before deciding its legit.)
But their stuff is so pretty and so versatile that I just can't keep it to myself.
These are the things I bought today:

This is a vintage inspired ring, 
(the last one they had at their store I might add) 
But don't fret! They also stock matching pendants, and a wide variety of different rings, for those of you who arent mad on vintage and want something a little less casual. They also had different shapes and sizes. Just take your pick!
Vintage Ring- R55.

These are the first over-sized earrings I have ever bought. 
They have such a wide variety most are vintage inspired patterns, such as floral and portraits of Audrey Hepburn. They also come in gold inlays and silver. These are made with actual material but if that's not really your thing there are some super shiny ones and smooth, glassy ones. 
And they look really good with an updo, just to show them off a little (:
Vintage Earrings- R45

These are my favorite, and I'm wearing them RIGHT NOW. 
That's how comfortable they are. Not too heavy. 
That's really important to me because I'm really fussy about the kind of dangly earrings I wear. 
They had all sorts of other bronzed hanging earrings, and matching necklaces with long and shorter chains. Look out for the rocking horse, key and teapots! They just make me feel so pretty and grown up, but still edgy.
Clock Earrings- R45

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm just like every other girl when it comes to jewelry and I probably could have bought the whole shop. But if jewelry isn't your thing, they also had bags, clothes, shoes and headbands.

Here are some of my stylin' new bags to carry the loot!

This is my new favorite thing in the whole entire history of the world. 
It's a vintage  radio bag. Is'nt it cool? 
The "Volunme" and "bass" knobs even turn! 
They also come in a lighter brown.
Radio Handbag- R225

This my mom bought actually
The material is slightly more durable and plastic coated. But its super cool anyway. 
They had them in different shapes, styles and sizes including blue and red floral, with matching purses, makeup bags and pencil cases.
Floral Handbag- R225

I'm kicking you out of my closet now, but I hope you'll give this lovely little boutique a visit one day. You won't regret it!
Happy Shopping!

Skinny Cow. 
Eclectic fashion and accessories.
Shop 6. 65- 4th Avenue, Linden

With Love,