Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Dear Jozi

This past weekend would have marked the sixth time I've seen Desmond and the Tutus this year. the first being at "Thornfest" and they were probably the only reason I went, and the last being the 5 Gum Summer Sessions. Because Cape Town stole "Rocking the Gardens" from us, these guys put together one of the best gigs this year. 

It took place on the roof of The Alex Theater. There was fake grass and if you got there early enough, people were sitting having a couple of drinks and just hanging out. The high building walls and the fake grass made it so urban yet, summery and Cape Town-y. It was well worth the visit.

Of course, it wouldn't have been the same without the bands.
Desmond and the Tutus blew everyone away just in time, because the police showed up to shut the whole thing down. Darn party poopers.

Shortstraw was amazing as always, with their acoustic rock sounds that just get the crowd going. They're definatly one of my favorite bands to jam to, mostly because their music is sweet and the lyrics are just silly.

It was my first time seeing Rambling Bones, and I was not disappointed. I've had their first CD for a while and their beautifuly sung duet of "Baby Shoes" never failed to make me happy again. I've attached it below so that you can feel the musical magic and the warm feeling it brings for yourself :D

Rambling Bones - Baby Shoes

Unfortunately we arrived too late to see all the other bands but after doing some Facebook stalking I've decided that they're actually quite cool. I'll keep you posted on their gigs and music.

This is a photo from the back of the entire event. Amy and myself sat down to have a drink and I thought it was the most amazing thing. You can see the huge building behind the stage, which just reminded us all that partying under the stars in Jozi, isn't that bad.
Who needs Cape Town anyways?
They'd probably be to chilled to party like real rock stars. 

At every Desmond gig I've been to, there's always those crazy people that do crazy things. This time, I met two girls who were determined to get on stage with them. The first went and played her harmonica with the lead singer to "Kiss you on the cheek" and the second, did an amazing stage dive/crowd surf. It was beautiful.

This is me and Amy, taking silly "Who are we?" pictures like total dweeeebs. 
Every event needs one.
This was just after these silly little boys tried to hit on us, and before all these people made it their mission to find out how old we were. It was quite annoying really. But I had a great time with Amy, I really enjoy hanging out with her!

I saw a whole bunch of my Jews there too!
Jew spotting FTW!

With Love,