Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dear Jozi,

Did I Forget To Mention?

I went to school for the very very last time on Monday.

This means:

  1. I never have to wear horrid brown school shoes ever again.
  2. I never have to wear a horrid baby puke/diarrhea coloured jersey ever again.
  3. I never have to write another history essay ever again.
  4. I never have to tie my hair up just because it cannot be down.
  5. I can wear all the brightly coloured nail polishes I want and no one can do jack shit about it.
  6. I don't have to have an alarm, to wake up at some ungodly hour for the next three months.
  7. I can sleep for days.
  8. I'm now allowed to blog and tumbl and watch TV and watch TV series ALL DAY and not feel guilty about it.
  9. No bed time.
  10. No sleepless nights due to homework.
  11. No more trying to do something and some old person telling me its shit.
  12. Music. ALL FREAKING DAY.
  13. I don't have to have useless people on Facebook anymore, so I've cleaned up my friend list and now Facebook is no longer redundant.
  14. No more school.
  15. I'm just cooler than you.
  16. I can go out drinking on a Monday.
To mark the occasion, as all occasions should be marked with pictures and photographs and whatnot. My mom made me pose for "Last Day Ever" pictures.

Never have to go to school again. Freedom is sweet. Like cake. CAKE FOR DINNER! CAKE FOR DINNER!

With Love,