Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dear Jozi

The FADA Fashion Exhibition:
Here I sit with all the new additions of Business Cards from all the recently graduated fashion designers from UJ. They held a fashion exhibition, which I was lucky enough to go to. 
Here are my personal favorites:                                                                                                                    

I love the African inspired chic of this designer. This collection provides a young African women with a way to express her culture in a new, modern chic way. The designs are very contemporary yet subtle The bold pops of blue and red in among the browns and beige really bring out the spirit of Africa. The dress in the middle is my favorite because the  tailoring and the structuring is so flattering and beautiful. This dress is awe inspiring.
This dress is exquisite.  I feel like the designer really used the fabric and  technique  wonderfully. 
 The material was quite stiff ranging from brown leather to textured, but it was all balanced out by the soft use of shifon, that created a sense of wind and movement in the garments.

This designer used beautiful float-y fabrics to capture the essence of womanhood and what it really means to be a fashionable woman in todays' society. Not shown in the image are tailored pants, shorts and floral tops. The back of the long dress was open, not revealing too much but still giving the garment that young and sexy feel, perfect for summer.

 This  designer had  amazing functional ball gowns. The idea was that each dress could change by just a pull of a string, from a ball gown, into something a little more fun and versatile. The purple dress worn by the model had a small string in the middle that transformed the dress. By pulling the string, the front of the dress would gather revealing a little bit of leg, but to be more conservative, one could leave the string un-pulled for  a sleek, slimline silhouette.
The bronze and orange dress in the back ground,  would be pulled into a beautiful rose detail with the pull of a string, which doubled as a sleek, thin strap from waist to shoulder.
For more details contact: Marissa van Zyl   
I just loved the tailoring in this black jacket, by Mint Clothing. 
For more details contact:
 Riflwe Tema on:

For the more tailored individual. The work was amazing, inspired by women in the 1950s. The colours came from grass and nature. The slight pops of purple and creme really bring out the femininity of the figure.

These gowns were absolutely amazing. The detail was beautiful, and they were made exactly to the specifications that she outlined in her portfolio.
  For more info:

Chinese inspired dresses and coats by various designers, showcasing their tailoring talent, and bringing cultures together.

Beautifully tailored and each one so different and unique.

Jozi, there's some awesome new designers on the loose. 

With love,