Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dear Jozi

"This one goes out to all the lonely hearts,
When it feels like it just fell apart,
Wishing you could give it one more shot,
oh oh
Tell your friends you never wanna leave
Oh when things go wrong, You'll be running for cover
When you're lost, you'll die alone 
When things go wrong, commit to another
You've gotta cross your heart, and find your place
This one goes out to all the lonely hearts"

So this is Fire Through The Window.
They are amazing, and I just wanna be the lead singer lady (Sinead Denis) , because shes so pretty and amazing.

MMM... The hottest guy. Look at his hotness. I would lick his chest.

And now that you've seen how amazingly awesome and hot they are...


'Lonely Hearts- FTTW'

'Do Do Do- FTTW'


Dear Jozi

I did something really cool the other day.

Mostly because I was procrastinating all the studying I should be doing, and because I wated a cool new place to put my paint brushes.
And I wanted to eat Pringles, lets be honest.

Aren't they great?


Monday, 8 August 2011

Would You Like Some Toast With Your Jam Session?

Dear Jozi,
As we do most times when we all hang out as Jews, we all have to bust pretty epic missions that generaly end up in chaos and the best night of our lives. Friday nights dinner at Gozlans house was no different. We had the most kiddie winks at our service, with a record amount of Maddies to boot and after Rosas' failed attempt to keep us all away from the Brocha Table, we missioned on over to Jew Town for Din Dins.

Granted I did sleep through most of the meeting that follwed, dinner was pretty cool. We all brought somthing to contribute and share (: Just like REAL Jews!

Gozlan pulled out his fancy new guitar, Evan had his armonica handy, and everyone was willing to mill and sing and be merry.

It was great!

With Love,

Today Kliptown, Tomorrow the World.

Over the past few months, the Netzer Madrichim have been volunteering in Kliptown, Soweto, as a part of Netzers Ideology of Tikkun Olam (Repairing the world).

Netzer has five main pillars of ideology that we base many of our activities around. A youth movement is nothing without its unique ideas and beliefs. These “Pillars” range from our Jewish identity to our responsibilities as humans and South Africans. Tikkun Olam is the main pillar where we can do practical activities in the Madrichim Body as well as with the children of our Movement. With this we learn about other people, the world, and the importance of community. Social outreach projects are important for the comunity and other comunites to unite people and educate people at either an “education level” and a social level.

We’ve been to many places to volunteer in the past few years, but none have been as sucessful as our frequent trips to Kliptown. The enthusiastic Madrichim spend the afternoon helping children from all ages with things like, reading, writing, drawing and maths. While our main intention is to spend time with the kids sharing our “book knowledge” the real prize is that we’re all learning about different cultures, backgrounds and people.

The older children in Kliptown are really welcoming and helpful when we’re there. They enjoy asking us questions and answering any of ours. The younger kids are a bit of a challenge due to us being strangers and having a language barrier, but with perserverance and help from the older kids everyone has a good time.

After spending a few afternoons with these kids, they’ll really change your perspective on your own life. They really make you think that you can do anything you want. Anything that you put your mind too can be yours. Young ladys who aspire to being Doctors to help people. Boys with amazing artistic talent. The next police chief. Mathematicians. Scientists. You name it!

These kids are filled with passion and determination, and you cant help being inspired by that.
We’re not superheros, and we shouldn’t expect any praise for what we’ve been doing. We’re just kids interacting with different kids.
We’re just inspired by each other.
You should be too.

With Love,

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Trend Spotting

Dear Jozi,
I've been trolling the internet, and have found some pretty cool stuff for us poor people to drool over and wish we could buy. Don't fret dear internet whores! 
Where theres a frill, theres a way!

Boy it Up! 

Especially in winter, cause rocking meanswear allows you to pile on the layers and still look oh so chic. So dig up the inner boy in you… and maybe start going through you BF’s wardrobe for any interesting pieces you might find. You can choose to go full on with a tie, waistcoat and shirt, but if you go this route, make sure you add bit of quirk to the whole outfit and you don’t end up looking like you’re going to a dress-up. Add a brooche, pretty headband or switch your pants for a skirt to add a bit of flavour.

I'm definatly looking forward to rocking this trend in spring (: I already have my cropped blazer jacket, some killer sandals and a pretty highwaisted skirt just waiting for me to wear it!


With Love,