Monday, 8 August 2011

Would You Like Some Toast With Your Jam Session?

Dear Jozi,
As we do most times when we all hang out as Jews, we all have to bust pretty epic missions that generaly end up in chaos and the best night of our lives. Friday nights dinner at Gozlans house was no different. We had the most kiddie winks at our service, with a record amount of Maddies to boot and after Rosas' failed attempt to keep us all away from the Brocha Table, we missioned on over to Jew Town for Din Dins.

Granted I did sleep through most of the meeting that follwed, dinner was pretty cool. We all brought somthing to contribute and share (: Just like REAL Jews!

Gozlan pulled out his fancy new guitar, Evan had his armonica handy, and everyone was willing to mill and sing and be merry.

It was great!

With Love,