Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dear Jozi

Halloween Bitches.

So, I went to this Halloween party, and it was jam packed with people dressed so epicaly. The usual sluts could be spotted with their angel wings and halos among the sea of zombies. But there were a few people that had gone above and beyond the call of Halloween costumes and put on some amazing outfits. Before you get to excited, it wasn't me.

There was a guy (The guy from The comic Book Theory, whom I met, and was unbelievably starstruck because I love him) who dressed up as Nathan from Misfits.
There was another guy who I saw walking passed who was Napoleon Dynamite, and there was a guy who was  Where's Wally. My friend Abby was Edward scissor hands, which I thought was pretty rad. I on the other hand, always go as something lame, and non slutty. Like a save the world superhero. Oh well. Next year I'll be something epic.

There were some cool ass bands playing including: Shortstraw, The Stellas' and Desmond and the tutus. Not to mention the cool Drum n Bass room, The Dubstep room and all the DJ's like Sibot who made the walls shake till 4am.

Happy Halloween Everybody!

With Love,