Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dear Jozi

Let me educate you. 
Just quickly. 
On the most amazing band in the ENTIRE universe. 
The whole place. 

They're called Desmond and the tutus, and they will blow your mother flipping mind. They're a local band, originally from Pretoria right damn here in South Africa. They played an epic gig on Friday night at the Town Hall/ Converse Halloween party, and everyone was going completely insane, it was so sick.
They play the most amazing, jamming, rock your freaking socks off music you will ever listen to/ dance to in your whole life. That's how amazing they are.

This is my absolute favorite song, and I vow that if the universe permits me I will name my daughter Peter. That's how much I love this song. Also, that's how much I love Desmond. They just make everything seem right with the universe.

Desmond and the tutus- Peter

Those are just some more pictures for you little trolls to feast your eyes on. They're from the Desmond and the tutus blog which can be found by clicking here

The photographer is:  Eduan Kitching. Hes an amazing photographer, kinda like my role model right now. Check out more of his work on his website by clicking his name (:

Also, just for good measure, you should check out their Facebook page, become a fan, and take a listen to some of their other rocking tunes. Maybe even checkout their upcoming gig in November?

It'll be a party!

With Love,