Saturday, 10 May 2014

I Am What I Am: The Body (Un)Comfortable

Paul Marcus Fuog is known for his work that intersects the space between art and design. His work spans various mediums including video, sculpture and object making, drawing, performance, still-life photography and text-based works.
Favouring the vernacular of the everyday, Paul uses common elements including language, tools and materials and rearranges them to find new meanings. He performs documented experiments where he sets the parameters and then relinquishes control, encouraging variables that are outside the realm of his consciousness. 

"I look the way I look, because of the way I think"
This particular piece reflects the outcomes of which I hope to reach through my space intervention. How do my actions affect myself and in turn how do my actions affect the others around me. Why and how does this happen and what if the situation were different.
The other approach could also be how my inner thoughts as presented to me during my formative years have now changed my personality or helped it develop, and they way that I now think and perceive things.  

"I think the way I think because of the way I look"
This is particularly important for this project because people have spent their time judging other and forcing their views on the other people, they now have a perception of what they should do, look like and act. Is this right, is this how society is expected to be and if so why or why not?