Wednesday, 14 May 2014

#3 Up close, but is it personal: The Body (Un)comfortable

The Third Experiment has been to determine how Other People react when someone is uncomfortably (if so) close in their business while they are trying to go about their business.

I started off just filming small spaces of people, like their ears or their feet - this didn't really get a reaction from people, as it mostly went unnoticed. I then moved on the trying to get more up in their business, to see if I could get more of a reaction from the, as I do not like people up in this business.This directly correlates to my personal space issues that often do not occur with other people, and then people think I'm either strange or rude or in a bad mood when I express this feeling. Some people found it to be quite annoying, and didn't know what to do, while others embraced it. Many people we're put off my the idea and immediately panicked asking what and why I was doing this

This was also uncomfortable for me at first because I don't like getting into other peoples business, although after a few minutes,  became more relaxed and was able to take my experiment to another level - approaching strangers and not just my immediate company.

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