Friday, 16 May 2014

The Body Uncomfortable Conclusions (Part 1)

This experiment of the body Uncomfortable has been an interesting experience. It has really made me think about what impact I have on the world around me, my surroundings both emotional and physical, the people I interact with and the different Timelines that can be created when decisions are made and The Space Time Continuum is disrupted (or not).

This is a strange experiment to have completed and it will probably never be fully finished, for we are uncomfortable everyday, and no one is ever truly comfortable with everything. We as humans have the tendency to lie to ourselves more times than necessary and most of those lies include things about the Body Image or our Self Esteem. We use social media to get out of ever really having true and meaningful conversations and if they ever really are meaningful, doesn't the fact that they are electronic or devised or timed appropriately mean that they can never truly be real.

You might even ask if this Blog is real. If anything is ever real or is this all just an elaborate fabrication of my life being lived by someone who isn't really me - I might just be 'catfishing' you. Are movies really movies about real people or are they all fabricated to make as much money as possible. Are documentaries factual or is the simple fact that the Documenter is documenting having an effect so great on the story that it changes everything and the story no longer exists in its purist form.

Life is truly meta, and never really what we expect or what we want it to be.

Everything is a lie and nothing is real.

Nothing is Sound.

Here is a GIF of a Vine of a video of a Flipbook of a GIF of a video of a roller coaster.

Got that? No? Not quite? Well, give yourself a few minutes or so and think about it again. But after you've worked it out, do yourself a favour and check your watch. You’ll find you’re standing at the nexus of the end of the universe, where time stands still. (The Daily Dot)