Tuesday, 13 May 2014

#1 External Space: The Body (Un)comfortable

Over the past six days (May 7 - May 13) I have been exploring My External Space, and how it is affected through both my existence and how it then alters my existence, this is the First Experiment.

This is both the space that I live in and occupy, like my house, my bed and my immediate day to day surroundings, as well as all the things that immediately influence my outward appearance.

This has been the first step in exploring external space for me.
This experiment was pretty easy, but also pretty hard. It was easy to understand my own space, and what it means to be a living entity which takes up said space but also to understand how my space is also then an influence on the space I occupy. This is also true for how things and objects, that I occupy in terms of space, can have an impact on me and my personal space.

For example: I occupy my bed room - it is filled with things that take up space. I then have a claim to that space, as it is that of myself and thing that define me in the kind and manner of space that they take up.
I use make-up to change and alter my outward appearance, thereby using an element, that also occupy's space, to alter how I occupy my own space, by using it's space in my space to change it.

This is a video of such an experiment:

This then leads to my next experiment of my influence on other peoples personal and immediate space.

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