Thursday, 15 May 2014

#4 Emotional Spaces: The Body (Un)Comfortable

This is the last video in the series of my Space Intervention. It documents the impact I have on my personal space by taking it up with my body matter. It examines the spaces within my body space, with a close look at spaces like the space between my fingers, or the spaces between my forearm and my upper are. How do these spaces change and manipulate themselves through movement - how do my emotions have an impact on the space my body creates and impacts and how do my emotional reactions determine the kind of space I take up.

This is a particularly interesting topic,because from the time we are small our body language and what we do with our bodies indicates our mood and how we feel. his kind of language pre-dates the spoken word and means that this Occupation of Space and how the body reacts to space is a primal instinct.

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