Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Well, this is awkward.

This an awkward picture of me.
Thanks internet, for sharing my pain.

So its from the Facebook page of Two guys with Glasses, and I think its the first picture that anyone has taken of me at these gigs. I always see everyone else's and they all look super cool and high def but you know, whatever. 

Guess where I was? Jokes i'll just tell you. It was this thing called Boosh, like the 18th one or something ridiculous like that. Yeah man, ShortStraw played, Desmond, Wrestlerish, Yo Grapes... Earl Grey and Croquet... those guys... 

Pretty chilled out, had a party, kinda socialised with people, maybe. What even is socialising, and how can one tell if it has been successful or not...
I'll tell you about my cool shirt some other time, (and also about the three word conversation I had with Shane Durant)

Im trying to keep my fan-girling low key.
Don't take anything I say seriously, I can't even.