Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Market Place

Today I ventured out into the world to do some exploring. Weird right, I never leave my house any more. I tagged along with my Mom (classic me right) to one of my favourite South African Markets; The Mosaiek Crafts Expo. I've been before and you can read all about that little trip here.
South Africa has so many cool Markets, and because I'm a Craft Market fanatic I tend to frequent them, from the biggest to the smallest to the weirdest and of course, they're all wonderful.

This time though was a little blast from the past and a look into the future. Gahd, I'm deep.

Ice-Cream Necklace by Two on Toast
Ice-cream and Necklaces?! Damn, could it have gotten any better than this? Two on Toast is a great little South African find started by two Besties that share my passion for tea and toast. Check out their website at: They have pretty cool stuff, especially the dresses.

Denim Backpack by Skinny Cow
I love Skinny Cow, they have the coolest jewellery and accessories, and to make it even better I nabbed this beauty! Good for the beach or to be super cool which is obviously what I will be doing with it. You can check out their Facebook Page or just head on over to their shop in Linden.

Wooden Stud Earrings by Net 'n Kameel
 Net 'n Kameel has the coolest wooden broaches and earrings, but if thats not your thing you can check out their silver, cut out necklaces on their Facebook Page.

Fabric Covered Tin Mugs by Jamtin
I absolutely love to collect odd and extraordinary mugs, so you can imagine my delight when I found this beauty. Jamtin have a range of awesome Fabric covered Tin Mugs and Lanterns. You can check out their website (here) and maybe even indulge your tea scenes to one of theses guys.

So that was my little outing to the Market. Yay!

Cant wait for the Kramers Market in January! This is what happened last time.