Monday, 31 March 2014

Prom Night!

I went to Prom in the 80's and this is what happened.

Jody and I were being super cool last Friday and got dressed in our best 80s style outfits - note how not 80's they actually were, cause what even are that? Either way we dressed up, we showed up and we had a real good time jiving to those Old Time-y Tunes.
Another-Day sure does know how to throw themselves a birthday party and boy do they deserve it, being one of the best blogs on my reading list..
Those guys are the best and also good at dancing.

With the likes of Gangsterdam and Satanic Dagga Orgy playing some cool covers of those kick-ass tunes we all know and are embarrassed to sing-a-long too, as well as the creepy guys trying to hit on you for their friends, the confetti, the balloons, the spiked punch and the awkward couples dancing to not so couple-y slow dance song, it was like we were really back at High School and that Molly Ringwald was about to loose her underpants. Yup! A great night was had by all.

A little later on in the evening, Jody and I had an unexpected encounter. She was sleeping at my house - as one does after Prom - and my Mother had agreed to give us a lift. These little lost Cape Tonians, looking around all bleary eyes and a little drunk, needed a lift home, they politely asked us, knowing that the answer would most likely be no, but trying anyways. Turns out we're such nice people and we gave them all a lift home, squeezed in the back on my Moms car. So funny. Turns out they knew one of my cousins. Small world. I cant really remember their names and they probably don't much remember the encounter, but what a fun story to tell the internet. Ha ha. Yes.

Here are some pictures from the evening shot by the Another-Day in house photographer and proud owner of a 'fro: Anthony Bila

&Kathryn What