Monday, 24 March 2014

Sock Check - Kruella D'Enfer

I literally cannot get enough of her design work. I love the stark use of bold colours and patterns that seem hap-hazardly thrown together but with such ease you wouldn't even have suspected. It's fun and exciting and makes me wanna dance in the rain whilst wearing protective rain boots that are most likely going to be made out of plastic but just as brightly coloured and fantastic as this. I feel like whenever I describe things it always digresses into a bit of a ramble but hey, Just live your life (eh eh eh eh eheh)
Don't under estimate Rhianna - She means business.

This is some of ( and I really mean some, because there is a load of amazing stuff in her portfolio) of Kruella D'Enfer, a Portuguese designer and artiste'. Please enjoy and check out her other cool stuff here

I love love love her illustration style and cool techniques and also those pens that make glass way more interesting:

Maybe Ill save her poster stuff for another post. Ha!