Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Teen Angst and Other Stories

Petra Collins has just started her first Solo Exhibition in Manhattan, and while that's a really faraway reality for me as a South African I've seen a bunch of her works all over the internet in recent weeks. By 21 she's done so much and is making a big name for herself and its kinda making me feel inadequate and has sent me spiralling down that all too familiar road of Self Doubt and Existential Crisis's. I am Jacks own self hatred.
It hasn't helped that we've been studying the Gendered image of people in the media - which included a lot of weird movies with people either being really violent or creepy.

I've read a lot about what Collins has to say about her work, which has been in the making since she was 15 and so depicts the trials and tribulations of growing up as a woman and struggling with sexuality and identity in a world that has already made up your mind for you in a sense. It really is hard being a girl, and especially one that doesn't meat the 'Norms' of society.

"Discharge", her first Solo Exhibition is a documentation of what it's like to be a young teenage girl growing up in a Social Mediated society and what it means to be struggling with your sexuality and with the idea of womanhood in modern life.
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Collins has been met with much controversy over her works (like her Vagina TShirt design for American Apparel and her Instagram pictures) and has been trying to make a way for Women in Art to really be heard and have their works showcased in a predominantly male dominated sect of the Cultural world. She has started an initiative, about 3 years ago now, called: The Ardonous. You can read more about it here, and see some of the works by featured female artists as well. Its flipping fantastic to see the different interpretations of what it means to be young and female in this world and in a society that has pretty much been based on hiding away from the world as soon as you've reached puberty.

I pretty much wanna be her because she has no fear and I wish I had that quality within me.
Petra Collins e'rybody.