Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sweet Thang

It seems as though there are a good few things that people will do to get free tickets to oppie koppie. This is a music festival that I've always wanted to go to, ever since I heard Stewart talking about it way back in the ninth grade on the corner of Greenside High. Back when we were cool kids, Yo. I've had plans to go for so long, but everytime something comes up. This year im in Israel, last year my Boyfriend wouldn't let me go with a bunch of friends and him not be there, the year before I was probably in the middle of exams and the year before that I was on Israel tour making promises with Joshua to go to Splashy Fen. Ah such is life. But next year I will go! Mark my words!

Here are a few beautiful people and music that makes life feel better each time you listen to them. One day I will play the harmonica like this. BTW.

Big Ups to Sumanah + Daniel 
(oh and Desmond and the Tutus for the song Kiss You On The Cheek)

Also a big up to Kirsten and Gabriel for braving the cold of Johannesburg and the middle of the road for this fantastic picture that won them two tickets to Oppie Koppie. Mazelz.