Monday, 23 July 2012

The Weekly Report 19/07/2012

The weekly hi


So this week we're going to star with a poem dedicated to our lovely Lily:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You're still gone 
And we miss you.
This week the flat was still alone and empty without Lily who is in South Africa and Jade and Shoshana who are leading on the Israeli version of Netzer, Noar Telem, and sadly will not return for at least another week. Everyone has settled into their volunteering positions with people at the places actually recognizing our shnatties as they walk in each morning. How about we go through the list of volunteering that people do?
Jordy: The Karmiel day camps in the morning and Kef le Aviv in the afternoon which is an opportunity for mentally or physically disabled people to experience fun activities with the others and their families and to take part in learning peulot and art classes.
Sophie: Kef le Aviv in the afternoons and Beit Gil in the mornings where she helps disabled people with their jobs so their income increases.
Kitty: The Agricultural Farm where she helps take care of a farmer's crops and plants so they can be used for education.
Liz: At the Nursery every day for the longest hours, helping to look after the babies of Karmi'el.
Josh: Was at the Karmi'el day camps and volunteering with his host family by helping out their son who is disabled. Now though, he is off toEngland to lead with Lily on RSY Netzer camp. 

This week we made sure to have the entire bowl full of avocados considering how many we ate last week (six in 2 days). We made sure to keep busy when we weren't at volunteering by either having a Harry Potter Marathon (only actually finishing the first one... You know it is), and visiting our fellow shnatties in Habbonim Dror who live five ten minute walk from us. 

Raya, our neighbor from downstairs and ex head of education from netzer came and talked to us about the individual and the group and where we fit in, through peulot and discussion. We have actually had quite a few guests coming to our flat this week such as Renee and Jodi from Betar, Annie from Habbo, Michelle from Hashy and Alex Lips from Hineni (house guest of the month). 

Tenmost special guest this week though would have to be two past shnatties who know how do it best, Josh van Beine and Shmuely Slater!!! We've had lots of fun and reminiscing with them and wish them all the luck with their future travels and life in general since Netzer is unfortunately not their life anymore. 

Soooooo anywaaaaayyy ... that was what we did this week. It was nice to catch up... (: