Monday, 23 July 2012

Half Asleep in Haifa

The bus ride was a blur from Karmiel to Haifah, I fell asleep with my head resting on my arm the sun streaming through the dirty window of the bus.
Groggily I got off the bus in a city I haven't actually had much chance to explore. It was hot, but there was a slightly cooler breeze in the air, We caught another bus to Yafo Street where we met Gal and he walked us the the Hashomer Hatzaier house.
Up four flights of stairs and we were on the second to top floor of their building. Their living situatiopn is slightly odd, so one tries not to spend too much time thinking about how they do it. They all sleep in one room down the hall way from their other flat where they have a balcony, a few couches and a kitchen.
The nights plans were to go to ultrasound, the biggest club in Israel. I ended up not going, but rather hanging  out in their apartment with a few other losers who don't like partying.

The balcony was warm even though it had been a good few hours since the sun had gone down. We all squeezed into the small balcony that, if you caught it at the right angle you could see a little bit of the view. There was an incesent drip from the leaking air conditioner. I sat on the chair on the right hand side with the Aussies on the couch. We sat there for a while, discussions flowing easily, as though they were smoke through a pipe, between the people that would come and go, the swing of the door a frequent occurrence, becoming a familiar movement among us. A flurry of words t6hat sounded as though they were one word instead of a few sentences kept us on our toes. 

High Lights:

  • Jacob broke a table
  • Jacob threw a cash register off the first floor of Ultrasound
  • Some girl ended up at the hospital
  • Jordan stole Liz's box of cigarettes
  • Bin probably hooked up with someone
  • Jordan and Nitzan nearly got into a flight
You gotta love New Zealanders who say "sixsixty".