Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. Lol.

Friday 29 June
We ran a peulah for the kids of the shule across the road from our house. They played games and made little snakes and it was the cutest thing!
For dinner we went to lily and Jordys host family where they made us feel really welcome. They have a lot of children so they have all these cool family traditions like drinking the kiddush wine in age order and this thing where they touch their eyes, nose, mouth and hands in one of the praters. They were such a lovely family and showed us these funny youtube videos and all their family photo albums. It was so beautiful.

Saturday 30 June
We were invited to one of the daughters from the night befores' dance recital. She dances ballroom, and there is no way in words that I can describe how good she is. Lol. There probably is, but I'm tired and maybe I'll tell you some other time, but for now, just know that she has the most impeccable accuracy and precision. It made me wanna go back to doing ballroom dancing and to realise just how much I loved it and want to do it again.