Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Weekly Report: 26/07/2012

Dear Parents, Sniffim and Shnatties, Shalom Rav,

I am back after a brief trip to United States and I will be seeing the shnatties next week at the Chavaya camp, on Monday young kids who came from our sniffim form USA and England for a summer tour in Israel will be stoping by the camp and the shnatties will spend the day with them leading different activities and talking about their experiences on Shnat.

Lily and Josh are currently in England they have gone to lead on the summer camp of our RSY sniff and I am sure they will come back with many anecdotes to tell.

I wish to share something with you that I found rather amusing, I have mentioned my son in past weekly reports, he is today one year and half, one of his little friends has a toy tractor that comes with different farm animals (a horse, a lamb, a roster, etc) that when you place them correctly in their place they make their sound respectively.
We decided that we also wanted to buy this toy for him and started looking in different toy stores for it, here is the bit I found amusing, here in Israel they have replaced the pig fro a hippopotamus but they did not change the sound, what I mean is that when you place the hippopotamus in the correct place it says oink oink.
The pig was replaced because it is not kosher, I ask my self how confused are Israeli kids going to be growing up thinking that hippos are tame animals that grow up in farms and go oink oink.

I am not trying to make a political statement but I do ask my self if we are not allowed to teach are kids that pigs exist just because it is not kosher? This reminded me that during the outbreak of the swine flu, the Israeli Health Minister wanted to call it the Mexican flu just so that we didn’t have to unkosher our mouths by saying the word swine. Ironically the archeological digs find that in Israel they use to it wild hogs.

I want to wish you all a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom,


Weekly Report By Liz H.

This week we got to (finally) see our lovely Lily (if only for a day) before she was on her way to England joining Josh to lead on RSY Netzer's Summer Camp. Our air conditioning, while keeping our flat cool, has been leaking and causing many issues for us over the past few days. It should be fixed over the weekend and we look forward to going home to a dry floor. We are all very excited for the return of Jade and Shoshana who we will get to see next week on Chavayah Camp for our Netzer/Noar Telem Fest! Kitty has changed volunteering places and is now helping prepare for the Karmiel Dance Festival in August. Otherwise everything is the same as always.

Talk to you same time next week!