Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Weekly Report: 28/06/2012

Dear Parents, Sniffim and Shnatties. Shalom Rav,

Here in Israel there has been some interesting news updates,

It seems that there will be a Jewish Award, something like the Nobel Prize but for the Jewish world, the "Genesis Awards" the winners will receive $1000000 for their achievements.

The Jewish Agency announced that they will stop funding academic tuition for New Immigrants. The Student Authority (Minhal Le Studentim Olim) is a department from the Ministry of Absorption and the Jewish Agency, it was created a bit over 40 years ago and they give academic tuition to New Immigrants as well as providing them with madrichim that help them out during their studies it is because of this department that thousands of New Immigrant students can actually take time to study, have a career and better their options in the Israeli society.


As for our shnatties,

Yesterday I visited our dear shnatties in Karmiel, it was great to see how they have turned the flat into a home.

I went to the different volunteering places and paid them a visit, some of the shnatties feel that what they are doing is not enough for the community and have taken it up to themselves to program some activities for the kids at the Reform synagogue and they also want to plan a project for their time in Karmiel, I still don’t have the details but we support this positive way of thinking and we will try to help out any way we can to move this forward.

Next week Josh will start leading on the Summer day camps that will take place in Karmiel, Shosh, Jade and Jordy will be leading on the chavaya camps (Noar Telem's summer camps) and Lily and Kathryn are getting ready for England where they will lead on the RSY camps.

I have attached pictures from my visit to Karmiel, you can find more pictures on our Facebook group.

I want to wish you all a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom,



Weekly Report By: Kathryn H.

This Week on Shnays of Our Lives:

"Like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our Shnat"

Shoshanna has just returned from a whirlwind adventure in Turkey with her Father. Along her travels she visited many a historical sight, archaeological museums and returned with a renewed spurt of Feminist values. She told stories of the museums and the historical emphasis on male charecters within the myths. She recounted her adventures inbetween treating all the flatmates to stuffed eggplant ans rice.

Sophie spent the weekend in Tel Aviv stirring up new friendships and rekindleing old ones on the beach with her friends. Kathryn and Lily spent the weekend travelling from one city to the next, seeing friends from South Africa and sleeping on various peoples couches before heading off to the British Embassy to reapply for tehir British Visas. They later met up with Jade and Jordy who had been franticaly writing Ma'amadim for their Chavaya Camp in a few weeks. This all included Avocados, Tea and an excessive amount of Ice Cream on the floor of Jades Mom's house. A guest appearence from Dan Rattan.

Josh spent the weekend with his Uncle seeing historical sights around the country. He excitedly tells the rest of his house mates about the interesting conversations with his Uncle and a few new friends on the beach.

Liz visited family friends in Ranana, for a well deserved rest after the intensity of Etgar and Machon.

Several of the charecters have now succumbed to a grave illness and have taken to their beds.