Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Weekly Report 19/04/2012

Dear Parents, Sniffim and Shantties. Shalom Rav,

The week started with a few big events, our shnatties and the staff as well, came back from their Pessach vacation full of stories, anecdotes and renewed energy. It seems that they could not stay away from each other for to long since in the end almost all of them ended up going to the Zorba Festival. They went back to class and to the intensity of Etgar and Machon.

As for a few interesting updates on Israel, in 1943 a rare frog was discovered in Israel, to be more specific in the Chula Valley, and that existed only in Israel, however when the pioneers dried up the swamps, the frog was extinct. After many years of trying to reforest what was damaged during that time, during our Pessach vacation, this extinct frog was rediscovered. Another important event, in my opinion, is that Gilad Shalit has been give the highest rank any soldier can aspire, he received the rank of "Civilian", yesterday, a half a year after he was liberated from captivity, he was liberated from the Israeli Army.

Last Tuesday, on Yom Tnua, Guy prepared an activity about Yom Hashoa (Holocaust Memorial Remembrance Day), we talked about what it means to follow orders in the army, we compared it to the Israeli Army where there are 3 different category of orders, there are the orders you must follow, there are the illegal orders that you must follow but you must report your commander to the superior officers and there are the extremely illegal orders which under no circumstance are you allowed to follow them. We talked about morality, we talked about getting involved, we talked about acting and doing something when you see someone doing wrong to others or when someone is in need.

Today Thursday is Yom Hashoa, today we remember those who tragically lost their lives and we are inspired by those who survived, a day when we once again question ourselves how much evil can there be in the world, a day where we forgive but not forget.
In Israel on this day we stand a minute of silence, and it is just so amazing to see how, traffic stops, trains stop, buses stop, people walking in the street stop, people that are even alone in their office our at home stop, the whole country just come to a complete stop for that one minute when the siren is heard and a minute of silence and respect is given to those who perished in the Holocaust.

We are concerned every day with numbers, for example our salaries, the price of oil/gas, time, but the one number that still today makes stand up straight and gives us chills is the number 6.000.000. But these people are not just numbers, everyone has a name and I want to finish this weeks report with the poem:

"Everyone Has a Name" by Zelda

Everyone has a name
given to him by God
and given to him by his parents

Everyone has a name
given to him by his stature
and the way he smiles
and given to him by his clothing

Everyone has a name
given to him by the mountains
and given to him by his walls

Everyone has a name
given to him by the stars
and given to him by his neighbors

Everyone has a name
given to him by his sins
and given to him by his longing

Everyone has a name
given to him by his enemies
and given to him by his love

Everyone has a name
given to him by his feasts
and given to him by his work

Everyone has a name
given to him by the seasons
and given to him by his blindness

Everyone has a name
given to him by the sea and
given to him
by his death.

Forgive but not forget, Shabbat Shalom,


Weekly Report by Kathryn H. (Etgar)

There were still a few faces illuminated in the dark by their open lap top screens at 2:30am early Sunday Morning. Jeffrey was finalising some business for Project6millon in the Cheder Kef (Be sure to check out the website which is now up and running, and make your statement against hatred and intolerance). Backpacks and suitcases littering the living room floor, almost getting lost in the mess that had accumulated during our Chofesh. Liz arrived just in time to see the Brits off, exhausted but happy from her time at Zorba. Rebekkah and I had gotten back earlier that morning after having one of the best nights of Shnat so far, and missing our new Australian Friends. Soon after, we all filtered into our beds for a well deserved sleep before Hebrew bright and early the next morning.

A quiet morning if there ever was one. There was a silence around the house', as Daron was not there to grace us with his guitar playing, there was no sound of Naomi and Emily singing from the shower. I woke up late without Jemmas usual deodorant spraying and Liz was excitedly packing for her Israel Advocacy Seminar by the ZFA. Dan was still in Tel Aviv taking care of his hand. Josh was enjoying his extended vacation with his family, wich left me, the lonely South African and four Americans.
As it was a lovely Spring day in Jerusalem Noa and Guy treated us to a trip to the shuk and a little picnic in the park. We ate hummus, Assorted Pitah Breads and finished off a lovely day with Strawberries and Rougalah. (We saved the Chocolate Chip Chalvah for later...)
A quiet Tanach lesson, as there were only 5 of us, all about Bereishit. Jake finally got to exhibit his Artistic Talent, blowing us all away with his creative and unique rendition of the stories.
The house was once again eerily quiet. Alyson made dinner and we all ate in the DOJO amongst the candle light and incense. The boys (and Ruthie) had gone out for dinner. Pizza and Burgers we were told later. Josh came home unexpectedly to a dark house and nearly scared the begeezus out of me. It was a traumatic moment in my life. I think I'll be scared forever. We ate Girl Scout Cookies and tried to persuade Josh to join our Girl Talk. It was rather amusing, although not very successful. Josh left for more Brother time, Rebekkah read us stories complete with different voices for each character.

Sprite Day:
MAKE ALIYAH MAKE ALIYAH! We had some interesting discussions about he concept of Aliyah and what it meant to us. coughindoctrinationcough
DAN WAS BACK! He still need to go back to hospital, but at least we know he's alive and that he has great friends that'll make him lunch (and dress him) because his hand is in a bandage, and he's quite the sad little teddy bear.

Tuna Tuesday:
A class on Holocaust remembrance and a challenge from MKK to be the ones who pass on the message, to tell the stories, to never forget the people who helped make us the nation we are today.
Our Challenge: Tell their stories. Never Forget. (coughproject6millioncough)
YAY! Movement time! Playing games on the grass, having intense discussions about morality, questioning our Judaism and Ideology. This seems to be a growing trend at these things. Salad and Pizza for dinner after an intense discussion on toppings. Important issues I tell you.

A productive day for volunteering, judging by the lack of complaining and abundant good moods. Now some lunch, maybe a nap and a long break before our Modern History class. A good day me thinks.
I sign off to the sound of Dan, Josh, Jake and Jeff setting up the projector for a Pokemon Marathon.
Kathryn H.

Weekly report by Lily M. (Machon)

This was our first week back from Chofesh, where Kiryat Moriah once again welcomed us back to what has become our home, since throwing us out on the Friday of Pesach. We all had amazing chofesh’s, where between us there were music festivals, international and local travel, seeing family and friends (and then saying goodbye), exciting Pesach seders, and a general hellavuh good time. However there was a general consensus that in some way, we were all happy to be back Machon-ing-it-up.

Our first week back has been really intense. I’m going to try and tell you about what we’ve been up to, but since everyone has had such a different experience, in between my narrative will be each Netzer-machonnik’s time back on Machon so far in the form of a three word summary. {{In these double curly brackets }}

Many of us got back from our vacations really late that night…I don’t even want to talk about it. {{Naomi: Chocolate; AHH; BigEmotions}}
So Sunday morning bright and early, we had a welcome back breakfast picnic which was incredibly pleasant. The day was spent reflecting on being back, catching up on the time apart from one another, trying to get back into the flow of Machon.. oh and we bussed all the way to an Arab Israeli settlement to engage in a program with women studying at a university there. For some, it was their first proper interaction with Arabs, after months in Israel. Before that we had an intense sum-up of the arab-israeli conflict over the last few hundred years, by an incredible journalist, with a focus on Arab-Israelis or ‘Palestinians-with-Israeli-citizenship’ and their complex situation.

{{Benjy: Feeling Shnat Senioritus.}}

That night was an optional class about creating dialogue between Palestinians and Israeli Jews, which I found to be incredible. After a day of mind-hurting I fell asleep and dreamt of the Arab-Israeli-conflict. Not even joking.

{{Ruthi: Holocaust; Badfood; Coldshowers.}}

The next day was somewhat less intense. Half of Machon went to the Australian Israel Advocacy seminar for two loaded days where they seem to have had some great speakers and learnt a lot.

{{Jade: I’m Not Brainwashed! }}

We went to the Blind museum, called Dialogue in the Dark. Incredible, ironically eye-opening experience. We were guided around in the dark by a blind guy, and learnt how to see so much more.

{{ Sophie: Tired; Holocaust; Routine.}}

Tuesday was Yom Tnua, where we did some holocaust. Actually, it was really interesting, we learnt about good and evil in a very complex way. And reuniting Netzer was beautiful.

{{ Jordy: Holocaust; Holocaust; Shoah }}

Wednesday, we’ve been doing Holocaust since 8 in the morning, and shall continue until 11ish tonight.

{{ Becca: ALL the Holocaust-programming.}}

Tomorrow is Yom HaShoah, all day until late. I’ve heard it’s a unique experience in Israel, where the whole country stands still at the siren.

{{Shosh: is asleep so I cant ask her..shall leave it up to your imagination}}

Lastly, for my mom who doesn’t see my name often enough in the weekly reports that she reads alarmingly devotedly, and hence seems to think I’ve disappeared, I have Not!

{{ Lily: See Weekly Report}}