Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Weekly Report: 03/05/2012

Dear Parents, Sniffim and Shnatties. Shalom Rav,

We finished last week with the celebration on Israel's Independence, 64th and counting. In the pictures attach you can see my son proudly holding the Israeli flag celebrating his first time Israel's Independence.
And now we are back in class until the next celebration. Just to mention a few of the interesting places our shnatties went to this week, our machonicks went to the Supreme Court and to the Kneset and our etgarnicks went to the Palmach Museum.

This week I heard about something interesting, an Israeli Pharmaceutical company "Protalix" has just developed a drug for a rare disease, what I found interesting is that for the first time we are talking about a drug that was developed by testing it on plants cells, carrots to be exact instead of animals. And while I am on the medical subject, our etgarnicks had an intense MDA (Magen David Adom – Israel's Red Cross) course; I have attached pictures.

We have also opened up a new Netzer group on Facebook:!/groups/netzer.olami/

You are welcome to follow us on facebook, read what else is happening with Netzer and enjoy more pictures.

I wish you a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom.


Weekly Report by Rebecca W (Machon)
We've been having our first normal week since before Chofesh here on Machon, and even though we're over halfway through, we're making the best of our second half of Machon. Sunday and Monday were largely uneventful; Tuesday's Yom Tnua was a packed lesson on the history of Reform Judaism and Reform Zionism. Wednesday's Yom Yisrael took us to the Supreme Court and the Knesset to learn about the Israeli justice system and government. Yom Yisrael was followed by a murder mystery erev peulah run by Hannah's chavura. This weekend is Shabbat Beyachad with all of Machon, which some of us helped to plan. Sadly, this Shabbat will be spent without Tara, who switched to Etgar this morning. Although we'll miss her here, we know she'll have a great time on Etgar.

Weekly report by Emily k. (Etgar)

This weekly report is dedicated to Jemma who is in England doing something none of us fully understand to her leg. Jemma, if you’re reading this, we miss you, come home please.

Hello from Etgar! This week’s report features the likes of a new flat mate, a dead bird and a toilet paper fort, amongst many other things. Got your attention there, didn’t I? Well, let’s begin.

This morning Tara arrived to the flat with 2 suitcases (more than originally came to Israel with her) and after many hours of folding and rearranging, is now a fully fledged member of our wonderfully dysfunctional Etgar community! Yay! We’ve spent the evening making mini pizzas (I made the dough myself, no big deal) and hanging out in the Dojo to celebrate her arrival.

In other news, it’s been a great week so far. Some highlights include a water fight/ deadly wrestling match in the park (apparently to demonstrate something to do with immigration- ask Josh), Man City’s victory against Man U (I heard it was good) and the development of the toilet paper fort in the boys’ bathroom, which now covers most of the walls. Good work lads. There is also a dead bird on the balcony who we think may have arrived sometime last weekend. Instead of disposing of the body in the dignified way, the only action being taken on this front has been several intense discussions over his name. I think it’s between Henry and Simon or something. If you have any better suggestions, please feel free to send them on a postcard. Odds are the bird will still be here when the postcard arrives.

I’ve promised so many people personal mentions in this week’s report that I think the most effective course of action might be to just let you all know what everyone’s doing:

Emily- Well I’m fine. Have a large insect bite on my foot which is impairing my sleep but I’ll be ok, don’t worry.

Alyson- Currently wearing a sequined bikini top and tie dye shorts for no reason anyone could fathom. She keeps us on our toes.

Rebekkah- I think she’s mad at me because I wanted to write the report this week instead of her for once. Maybe I should have just let her in the end. Sorry Rebekkah.
*Hi, this is Rebekkah. Emily let me edit, so it’s almost as if I wrote it instead. Take that, Jeff.

Naomi- Today she drew a very nice picture of everyone on Etgar. There’s talk of putting it on a t-shirt.
*Hi, Rebekkah again. I’m definitely making it into a t-shirt, if you’re interested, let me know.

Jeff- This week he’s been looking after his sister;s guitar as well as his own. This has made him pretty happy.

Jake- The horrific sunburns have all but gone and he now spends his days mocking those of us who made the same mistake

Dan Aron- Last weekend he watched 4 Twilight movies in 2 days. Nice.

Dan Rattan- The hand is healing well (he sliced it open on a broken wine bottle a few weeks ago)

Josh- Just made some “fairy bread”. A triumph.

Tara- Says she’s enjoying Etgar so far, all 8 hours or so.

Jemma- Well she’s not here but it would be mean not to give her a mention. We love you.

Kathryn- She’s looking for glue which probably means she’s doing something artsy and we’ll wake up to more flat decorations :)

Liz- Found a “guilty pleasures” 90s playlist yesterday, and for that I am forever grateful

And that’s it really. Hope you’re all well.

*Last one, sorry Emily. I just wanted to mention that if it weren’t for me, there would be no punctuation in this at all. And also, look forward to next week’s weekly report, which will contain a formal pronouncement of Emily’s and my love for each other, if she ever forgives me for hi-jacking this weekly report.