Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Weekly Report: 12/07/2012

The small house on the seventh floor has been awfully quiet for the past two weeks, but has come alive once again in the lasty few dfays as Shoshanna, Jade and Jordy have returned full of stories from Chavaya Camp with Noar Telem. They spent the afternoon animatedly telling us stories of the kids they lead and the exciting things they got up to whilst being Madrichot on their camps. From kids who make funny faces to the odd antics and customs of a new camp they entertained us for hours and had us rolling, and clutching our sides with laughter at the thought of Jordy and Jade repeatedly beating eachother with sticks. (All in good fun though!)

It seems as though Josh hasn't had a break from volunteering. He gets up earlier than anyone else and is out of the house by six thirty every morning, and only comes home at around seven from his soccer coaching. During the day he's working with the kids in the Day Camps and spends a load of time with his host family and Shai.
Sophie has been rather under the weather lately, but still somehow manages to spoil us all with Banana Muffins and all kinds of cakes and dinners (and even sometimes lunch). She's learnt a few new songs on the guitar and has started knitting a scarf (odd seeing as its boiling hot outside...) Shes also managed to watch about four seasons of Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory and has now moved onto Greek.

Liz has also taken ill with a bout of Conjunctiveitis and so hasn't been to see those cute babies for a little while. She has been hanging out in the flat with Sophie and keeps us entertained with her singing and hilarious phone calls and sometimes the odd story about kids at the Gan who just seem to drool all day long.

Lily has gone back to South Africa for a while, we've recieved some odd pictures of her via Facebook, all part of our 'Odd Body Parts Picures Project' to keep the community vibe going from across the world. (Lily, if you're reading this, wich I'm sure you are, we're all eagerly awaiting your weekly report from wintertime and that picture!)

As for Me, I've been in my pajamas since Jade and Jordy left and I found out I wasn't going to England due to visa complications. I've built up a pile of dirty dishes and mugs at the bottom of my bed and have watched about three seasons of How I Met Your Mother (The good news is we know that Barney and Robin get back together, but we still don't know who Ted falls inlove with...) I've started a new blog ( and have learn't how to play the guitar <Watch This Space> I've even been to the Day Camps to see if they need me there, but alas, back to the farm for me and my Green House wich I'm sure needs watering and weeding!

The community is in utter turmoil as there are no avocadoes left and there is verry little else to make food with in the refridgerator, Tomorrow we shop! (Sophie just informend me that we have rice)

So thats all folks!
Love and regards from all your children, I'm sure they love and miss you all,but I can't ask them as its about 11:30 and they're all in bed (Except Sopie, she's knitting a way and misses Mum and Dad very much and for the ones out partying with Habonnim Dror just down the road... and by partying I mean hanging out in the living rroom discussing ideology... no really... this is Shnat we're talking about...)