Monday, 23 July 2012

The First Day (In Order Of Appearence)

The Mom of the Office:
Every time I go there she offers me coffee or tea and makes sure that Im super comfortable and that I feel welcome. She has short, thin, dirty blond hair and works in an office just off the main hall.

Fire-y Red Hair:
She's my favorite person to ask things. She sits at the front desk in the main hall and is almost always on the phone to someone. She wears sunglasses and paints her nails when the phone isn't ringing.

The Nerdy Girl:
She only says hello and goodbye to me, but today I heard her repatedly use the word "Stuiot". I guess they think I can't understand as much as I can...

Imbal the Queen:
A girl, her dark brown hair pulled back into a high pony tail with a libra tattoo on her back greeted me with about 8 boxes of crisp white envelopes. She is bubbly and cheery and I feel as though if I could understand what she was saying, or if either one of us could speak more of the others language we would get along swimmingly. Sometimes when I catch glimpses of her and can kindof understand mannerisms and not words, I can see that she's just a little bit like me.

The Israeli Spielberg:
She is tall. She has short dark hair, curling just under her chin. She wears a gold braclet on her right arm. She wore a bright orange/peach shirt that popped into a million different kinds of bright against her dark, tanned skin. She was just released from the army, and used to be a part of the education unit making movies to promote the IDF and how one should behave whilst one donnes the uniform. She told me about her passion and love for movies and how she will soon move to Tel Aviv to start her career, having already got her degree. Sha talked a lot.