Sunday, 3 June 2012

Virgin Sacrifice

One thing you need to know about Shoshanna is that she really doesn't like poeple making a big deal out of her birthday.
We made the biggest mission after dinner and our peulah to get her to go to bed and then to burst into her (and my) room, chanting with candles, and making her come outside for some cake and talks till the wee hours of the morning.
It was the most beautiful sight to see how excited she got about it, and I would lik to think it was a memorable moment in her box of Birthday Memories.

The night before, we had had a really long peulah, taking us all on our own Journey through the history of ourselves in Netzer.
We started witht he past, and the history of our sniffim. We all got to stand up and be a sniff, showing all the points discussed at veidar and seeing the real differences between all of them.

In the present we made a really cool video about al our ideologies and howwere a unique snow flake in the existence of Netzer Olami. This required Lily and I to write all sorts of things all over our bodies. We had Tikkun Olam on our feet, the pillars on our fingers and the importance to Learn and Do written across our backs, all in Ball Point Pen.
We then had the opportunity to write a peulah, to run back home. This time mixing up all the sniffim so there were differnt people working together. This was a lot of fun to do, and i cant wait to see all the videos, and the peulaot.

The past brought us to a room filled with tea lights and a chair in front of an audience. We were all asked to sit in the chair, and talk as if we were Us, only 10 years in the future.
Hearing people talk about themselves and their dreams for the future based on an imaginary past and a few tangible memories through Shnat and Netzer was the most incredible thing. People were silent around the room as everyone took their time to take a seat in the chair in the front of the room. We all waited with baited breath as our fellow shnatties spoke. We all listened intensely to the outcome of everyone's life. We smiled at the memories they had shared, and fantasised about the memories they would make in time as they carried on living their lives.
We joked after about the people making Aliyah, and about dreams to open businesses or make a name for ourselves in the world. It was amazing how everyone seemed so innovative. No one did nothing with their lives, even though they were different it was beautiful.

Sunday held a day of making, being and doing.
We used nature to make Art Collages.
We danced and made skits, some of us sat around singing songs.
We spent the most part of the afternoon learning how to make cottage cheese, pitah bread, salads and butter, only using raw materials and our determined spirit. Another hearty lunch for us, before leaving for home.

We stopped at a kibbutz on the way to Jerusalem, tired and sick we sat on the grass pondering the women dressed in white and holding wheat and other produce, doing special dances on a raised stage infront of friends and family. We joked about how they were virgins waiting to be sacrificed, and during an intense spooon hour session I felt as though we should all be naked and dancing in the fields, waiting to sacrifice virgins to a God.

It was very odd.