Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tiyul Tzafon: Day Five: Connecting with Nature

15 May 2012

The water dispersed as my body took up the space it once occupied. I opened my eyes under the water to see bubbles rushing to the surface all around me, in a green blur of algae and fishes. I could not see the bottom, it was pitch black, with no signs of life. I swam back to the top, oxygen filling my lungs as I looked arouind at all my friends swimming in the natural springs. There were shouts and screams as people dunked eachother under the water. I ducked down again, preferring the peace and quiet of the world under the water. I couldn't stay down for long. The pressure of the water as I dove down further pressed on my chest and in my ears. I quickly kicked back to the surface.
I climbed onto the rocks, finding foot holds blindly under the water. Our voices echoed around the empty space, normally only populated by bugs and tourists. The green moss squished through my toes as I jumped off the rocks and back in the water, this time, prepared for what awaited me under the rippled surface of the wide, green expanse.