Sunday, 3 June 2012

Things I Know

So, while I'm here in Israel I do quite a lot of remembering all about the things I used to do at home. I often read the blogs of the wonderfully creative people I know back home that blog about our beautiful country, and who, subsequently, keep me updated on all the social issues we as South Africans face.

I've had quite an identity struggle here in the land of Jews, in my little flat filled with people from all sorts of exotic places like the US and England, and Germany, and Spain, and Argentina and Australia. Putting all these people together as Jews on their gap year trying to be one and also trying to be patriotic means that there's often quite a few  ideological debaters and all those arguments about accents.

I keep myself grounded by listening to the soothing sounds of Home Grown music like I used to everyday on the radio and on Friday nights at the Boheimian.

Someone who you reading this blog wil only possibly have heard of is a girl with anamazing voice whose song lyrics have been keeping me sane for the past few days. She's just uploaded her songs to Soundcloud and her Facebook wall is filled with praise for her songs and her amazing vice.

Without further adeu, I give you Talya Davidoff, Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.