Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Last Shabbat

Friday 8 June

I spent the whole day avoiding hanging out with people to organise my notes from the past four months. That night we had scheduled a Last Shabbat dinner with the whpole of Netzer. We planned to have a kabbalt Shabbt in the gardens of Beit Shmuel, run by Tara and Jemma.

The sun was setting over a slightly chilly day. We all sat huddled around in a circle, 24 faces gazing at the oldest and the youngest members of our group as they bent low over the two candles, welcoming the shabbat. A few muffled voices could be heard over the wind reciting a blessing normally reserved for women only, but we were breaking the stereotype. The wind whistled through the arched corridor, and the candles refused to stay alight. The group broke into song. They were well known psalms and contemporary songs that we had sung so many times over the last four months that we had had together, and most of them brought back fond memories. I looked down at my knees, pale and slightly purple in the chilly afternoon breeze. I wore a purple skirt plucked from my room mates cupboard. It was tight, but not tight enough to be trashy.I looked around the circle at faces that have become so familiar, and voices that sounded around me in unison made my heart soar. It would be a long time until this would happen again.

After dinner, pasta, an Etgar speciality, the rest of the southerners and I found ourselves sitting in the very same place we had met the Northerners way back when we donned winter coats and scarves to pop down to the grocery store. We sat at a table, convenient I know, and wrote the song that would be our special farewell.

The night proceeded way past spoon hour and we moved from the convenient table to the large hall way in front of the elevators where we met a group of American Teenagers on a school trip from Phoenix. The one girl had already made Aliyah at the ripe old age of 17 and would be starting school in the Spring time. She was Modern Orthodox, and dressed quite conservatively considering she was off to bed. They seemed really interesting, and we spoke for a while about her decision to make Aliyah and the kind of programme they were on.

The Machonicks left soon after and I found myself on the Balcony with Jake, as one usually does at 2am on a Friday night, or should I say Saturday morning, writing a the farewell peulah. We went inside, peace out.it was way too cold to be on the Balcony for any longer and watched a couple episodes of Misfits, before retiring to bed for a well deserved rest.

Saturday 9 June
There is only one way to describe the antics of Saturday morning, and its in this video.
The Etgar Lipdub 2012 Avril Lavigne- Sk8r Boi
I hope you like my solo :D

Peace Out.