Wednesday, 6 June 2012


We're plagued by a world where brands are everything, but we rarely ever take the time to sit and think about what we really want out of life. Weather it be the latest trends in fashion, or having the coolest new gadget, were all brain washed into thinking that these things are what we need. We no longer communicate with our friends through letters out of convenience. We no longer talk to people in person, because its so much easier to IM someone, even f they're in the same room as us. We no longer phone people, and if we do, it's from the fancy phone that probably has some sort of branding behind it. We find ourselves judging people on possessions and looks, rather than on the real person inside. We've decidid what we think about people before we even know their name. It's an unfortunate reality, and we should all conciously make an effort to talk, interact and not let ourseles be bought by large companies and industries. because we're too lazy to do anything about it.

This is Brand Spirit
A man called Andrew Miller has made this his mission for the next  days. He's going to paint one object a day white, reducing each object to its purest form and by so doing, removing its branding. He's taking objucts that everyone knows, weather he buys them, or gets them from friends.

86/100: Canon

I think it's an amazing Idea, that really puts across the point, that we're all too consumed in the world that is now built on brands, advertising and technology.