Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hello, June.

Friday 1 June
Apparently its not possible to get a visa easily in any country.
We headed to Tel Aviv really early on Friday morning. Literally, we were awake before 6. We took the tram and then a bus to get there on time, stopping at an internet cafe to print things, that we would later find out were the wrong things. At the bus station, we found a cab and took it to the building where the Visa office was supposed to be, and after waiting around, and getting slightly lost and confused we made it to the sixth floor, and into one of those awkward security rooms, where we had to sift through papers and walk through metal detectors for like 20 minutes.
In the waiting room, we found that we had all the wrong documents. A nice man decided to help us out, he let us print the right things,a dnt hen directed us to a place that had clearly been making money out of people not having ID photos, for it was literally right outside the office building.
Back up to the office, we dealt with the horrible frog like woman who kept telling us to sit in front of this weird camera and who took our finger prints.
Eventually, we finished all the paper work, handed our passports over, and have been hoping for the best ever since.

Seeing as it was excruciatingly hot in Tel Aviv, we headed to the beach, meeting up with Becca at the shuk and buying some lovely foods for lunch.
We picnicked under  a tree and fell asleep on the beach.
We got a shirut back to Jerusalem and were home at about 7.

The entirety of the people left in Jerusalem were on their way out for these milkshake things, so we joined them, and sat awkwardly  not quite at a table, and everyone refused to believe it was their either. I fear the world is loosing its imagination.
Lily finished watching Fight Club, I fell asleep.

Saturday 2 June
We had chocolate chip pancakes and watched more movies. And by we I mean Lily, I fell asleep again....
We also used some of the fruit we had bought to make amazing smoothies!