Sunday, 3 June 2012

I like to Bake.

Sunday 28 May

After arriving back from the Kibbutz, I had the worst hey fever so Lily got some food for me from her institutions cheerochel. We sat on her windowsill high above the rest of the world and I listened as the noises of the weekend grew louder as the Shavuot went out with the sunset. We discussed important issues through dirty window panes, in broken Afrikaans for fear that her room mates would find out the truth about her hair. Eventually she came clean which lead to the hair straightning party.
Lily, Gal, Annie, Other Annie and Amanda all helping eachother ... straighnten their hair...

I went home in a snotty state and crawled straight into bed hopeing to wake up a little better than I had been.

Sprite Day 29 May
As per usual on Mondays, we all don our Sprite Day T-Shirts and head out of the classroom for an on location, education expirience. This time was a little differnt though, we went back to Meyer Sharim, dressed 'Modestly' and had Mark Lazar tell us more about the Chareidi Community.
I wondered out loud to Rebekkah about why we have to dress modestly and be like them when were not. We clearly stick out and I'm sure its just as insulting for us to pretend to be them, than it is for us to just wear our normal attire.

After Meyer Sharim, we went t the Shuk and were given the task of interviewing people about their lives: How they came to be in Israel and their story there after.
I met a wonderful Thai Woman who was a migrant worker here in Israel and she told us how she and some of the friends she made were exploited by their employers because they didn't know their rights her. She told us about how she found it hard to be in a society different from hers where she didn't understand and was constantly discriminated against. With words ringing in my ears and through the thoughts that constantly plague the inner workings of my mind, and a slight smell of fish penetrating my nostrils, we set off to find some doughnuts for lunch.
We headed home after a brief sikkum, and I spent the afternoon doodling in the kitchen.

That night we spent our time on the roof talking and having existential moments through our toes at the Old City's wall, and contemplating other languages. I wish I could remember what Zoe had taught me...

Tuna Tuesday 30 May
We watched the second episode of this weird ass TV show called Black Mirror. The last one was all about Technology and how it affects us socialy, and this one was about how people are manipulated by the media into doing things they don't want to do. I wont spoil the ending, but I encourage you to go watch the Show for yourself and make up your own mind on what the world is coming to.

We spent a good few hours baking that night in preparation for our Bake Sale the next day. With strict instructions to be ready to SELL SELL SELL! the next day.

Wednesday 31 May
The bake sale found us standing on Ben Yehuda street for 6 hours peddleing our wares, and Dan Rattan stuck in a conversation about Nazis and how Reforem Jews just dont exist.Besides those allegations, we were also accused of wanting to bring people to Israel to kill all the palestinians, wich I assure you, is not the goal of Netzer Olami.

Jemma ran an amazing peulah about our feelings with paint, which only made me remember how much I used to paint, and how lacking my life is in creative out let. I just want to paint ALL the time.
Paint paint paint.

That night we went off to Machon to try and sell the rest of the bakied goods.
I wrote a song for the occasion, to the tune of Hashkiveinu:
Netzer bake sale, come alive
Chocolate Balls, 2 for 5
Kikar Limon
We're at Machon
Have you tried the cake?

Thursday 1 June
I woke up groggy and dis oriented to a ma'amad being held in the Dojo. I wasn't prepared for it to say the least.
Noa ran a peulah about Noar Telem for us in the small garden below our falt, but half way through I got really sick so I ran to the bathroom, and missed the end, only reapearing for the sikkum of the week where we gave feed back to Jemma na dJake, as to how they were doing as far as maddieing goes.
We headed off to Ben Yehuda for tuna time and were tasked with doing silly activities like drinking water in under a minute and trying on clothes in a fancy store. It was all very entertaining watching Ben put on a dress.
I spoilt m,yself with a really cool skirt from a vintage store, that only cost me 10 sheckles. For those Saffas out there, thats R20. Bam, Sukkah!
Southsafah! The first ever. And with FROYO! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!