Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Host Family Balagan.

Friday (Night) 15 June

The community of Karmi'el had invited us to sing at their service that night. We had decided to sing Haskiveinu, even though we knew it would be an awfully sad song and that we would almost undoubtably be shedding tears by the time the song was over. We were welcomed into the community with open arms, and they seemed all to happy to have us.
After the service we were split up amongst host families for our first shabbat dinner in the quaint, little town. Jade and I were paired up and sent off to a rather awkward dinner where our hosts kept attempting to give us their children and make us drink their tea, whilst criticising youth movements and vegetarianism. We managed to escape to Shoshana and Liz's host families where we found out that they had been having a party all night. Shana had managed to break a few glasses within the first five minutes of being there, and the two of hem had had far too many shots of vodka from their lovely Russian Hosts. Soon, Josh and Sophi joined us and we all shared stories of our host dinners. The two of them had lived their family, and have since been spending a lot of time with their son, who is disabled. Jordy and Lily joined us after that, baring gifts of cake and other goodies from their host family, with only good things to say. They keep bumping into them at the pool.
We left the party, to hang out in a park near by the Russian guys house. I had made a friend throughout the night who was now teaching me how to dance. It was more like he was just pulling me around the little patch of grass and I was following.
I fell asleep on the couch in our apartment.