Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Karmi'el Bvakasha?

Friday 15 June
I woke up to a painfully hot morning in the middle of the North of Israel, having reluctantly gone to bed the night before with just a sheet to cover myself, in an unfamiliar, painfully bare apartment on the 7th floor of a sketchy building. Wrapping my sheet around my body, slightly cold from just having woken up, I padded to what I assumed was the Living Room. The walk was short. I sat on the Fake Couch, pushed up against the window wall, and looked over the smoggy city I now call home. I sat in the sunshine streaming through the windows for a while and then decided to find myself some sort of comfort in the form of a nice cold shower. Not having unpacked my overly large suitcase yet, I scrounged through the bin bags the Northerners had left in search of some loose fitting clothing that would be comfortable for a while, and got in the shower. I let the cool water rush over me and forgot what the world was for a while.
A whole new apartment, and a whole new set of people, a whole new life.