Saturday, 31 March 2012

Etgar Vs. Jerusalem

Sprite Day 26 March 2012

A scavenger hunt through Jerusalem, by Rebekkah and Naomi.
Dan Rattan was unimpressed.

Accomplish all tasks and be at ____ by _____.
Stay as a whole group the whole time.
Don’t break Netzer/Shnat rules (on camera)
Don’t cheat (Jeffery…)
Have fun!

Purple- Videos
1. Tune in around a traffic light at a crowded intersection:

2. Play a netzer game of the group’s choice outside the old city:
-Get strangers to join in for extra points
3. Interview somebody on the streets:

4. Pick up 5 pieces of rubbish in the old city:


5. Get something for free from a food place (stealing doesn’t count):

6. Get into a tent city tent:
7. Get someone’s shoes:
8. Make an obstacle course on the street and get at least 2 strangers to do it.
9. Sing the Netzer song in the jewish quarter of the old city.
10. Get a family recipe from a local.
11. Find a receipt from Superpharm.
12. Get 1 person to take an item of clothing off.
13. Get a strangers phone number:
14. Serenade somebody:
15. Try and fit the whole group into somewhere you wouldn’t expect to fit:
16. Hug a stranger:
17. Get a kiss on the cheek from a stranger:
18. Get a soldier to sing your country’s national anthem:
19. The whole team humming mission impossible and acting it out as they act like spies going round the shop back to back:
20. Convince a stranger to let you taste their food:

There's a video that wont upload :/