Saturday, 3 March 2012

Thoughts on Life

"We only realise what we had, and how good it was, when we come from a good place to a different place, and we are thrown out of our comfort zone, and everything seems bad."

Things about South Africa, that just aren't as good here:

Good Tea.
After weeks of terrible Israelie fake tea that tastes so gross, waking up to a cup of Five Roses or y sneaky cups of Rooibos is so amazing. At home I used to leave about a centimeter of tea but here I drink all my really good tea, savouring it.

Friends who make you feel at home in their houses.
I've never really understood how horrible it feels to be alone in a country or a city and have no where to go until I got here. I wish I had known before so I could have made our shlichim or even Jackie feel like she had a home away from home. I'm so grateful to all the Israelies here that adopt me into their homes. I also think, that its something no one can tell you, but rather, something you have to expirience it for yourself.

A place to call your own.
I've started decorating the wall above my bed so I feel more at home here. Its the only thing that keeps me sane, even though I hate sleeping in my bed here.

Somewhere were you can hang out and just be naked.
Sometimes, late at night, I walk around naked.

Being barefoot:
I miss walking around barefoot. I dont understand why no one in my house does it. I guess its because its kind of cold, but like the feeling of being so free in yur feet is great and we should do it more often. I cant wait for summer.

Things that are better here:

The fact that it snows.
Living Shant.
Being able to go adventuring at like 4 am.
Making friends with people at bus stops.