Saturday, 10 March 2012

Singing in the Rain

Friday 2 March

Shabbat Dinner with the Gozlan Family.
We finally got to meet the other Gozlan.

The cold rain dripped down our necks and faces and off the tips of our noses as we walked/wondered around the streets of a previously unfamiliar part of Jerusalem. We had met a fellow Saffa at the bus stop and shared a wafer whilst waiting for (hopefully) the right bus. After walking around the streets with soaked shoes and coats, we gave in and called Gozlan to find out how to get to his house so we could be warm. A cup of tea later and I was already sound asleep to the sound of gentle strumming and chatter from Rosa and Gozlan. I have an uncanny knack for falling asleep to them talking. Eventually he made me go sleep in his bed and said cute things like: "I'm closing the light". Rosa came to spoon soon after and we had a sleepy conversation about something. I don't know what it was because I was not concious.
The smell of the house and the warm cuddles from Rosa made me so happy inside.

Dinner was scary to say the least. There was a lot of political debates in Hebrew wich made conversation hard to follow but entertaining nonetheless. The food was amazing. I think I love shabbat the most because the food is so good and it completely backs up my idea of having a warm meal and enough sleep and love can cure, even the biggest bout of homesickness.

A hilarious Skype Date with Gyreth, Sivan, Evan and Jake wrapped up our evening with Goz.

Back at the flat there was a party in the Dojo and Naomi made chips and dips. Jake is still the best cuddler, except when he sits ON the blanket instead of under it.

Saturday 3 March

In the afternoon I met Rosa for some trendoid time in a trendy coffee shop on Hilel Street. we ate malawach and drank hot chocolate and had life crisis about how were homeless and we shold have been more welcoming to our people in South Africa. We came to the conclusion that its really something you have to experience yourself to really understand what its like to be homeless. The hot chocolate was delicious and its really nice to have someone to talk to on the outside of Shnat. They're not involved enough for them to be affected by the drama, but they are involved enough to understand the group dynamics and the life style. I really wish Rosa would be here with us doing shnat, but I'm so glad and proud of her that shes really doing her own thing and that she's dealing with life and growing as a human.
Sounds lame but its true.

Boobs and skirts night!
Basically everyone, and by everyone I mean all the girls got dressed up into a skirt and what was supposed to be a "boob top". We all changed outfits every five minutes, trying to decide what to wear and what constituted the appropriate amount of skirt and boob for skirts and boobs night. The wind was cold on our legs as we walked through the wind, laughing and shouting: "Oh my God! Taglit!" after having a n intense discussion in the Superpharm about how much Sprite to mix with our Vodka. Outside in the street we made friends with a whole bunch of randoms and were having a heated discussion about the rain in Seattle while Noa was being strange in the corner and we couldn't decide what to do with the Sprite. The night quickly deteriorated into grinding in sleazy shnattie pubs on crack square. The loud music of the club was pulsating through the bodies of our fellow Machon Shnatties as we all celebrated Aris birthday.

Lily and I were hanging out with her boy and my ... friend. I decided it was time to stop hanging out with so many shnat people and made friends with some random Americans that turned out to be really nice people and we shared some pizza. We went inside for some warmth and before I knew it, everyone had left me at the bar again, and it was raining outside.

Ari walked me home and it was hilarial. It was raining and I felt silly.
I cant decide how I feel about this Ari guy. He sems really uptight about life and so much less chilled than he needs to be and all weird and up in my grill all the time, but all his friends say he's really great but like... its Shnat, and I'm finding myself.
Jemma was nearly falling off the bed, crying with laughter.

A good night all round.